The Aggressive Driving Epidemic

You Can't Solve a Problem Until You Know What You Have

I began working to combat aggressive driving by studying the problem. Then I got in touch with city officials, and I had some success. However, I found three things: 1) the police are very busy, but they would like to help, 2) Public Works can't do much about it, because it's not an engineering problem, and 3) elected officials don't know where to start.

What to Do??

I also found that it was difficult, but not completely impossible, to get the license plate numbers from speeding cars. Ever try to do it? If you complain about racing, loud mufflers or stereos, people will advise you to "get the license plate, and call the police non-emergency number." Well let me tell you - if you hear a loud car racing by your house, and then run outside to read the license plate number, you will miss it every time. Seriously, can you run as fast as a car? And can you read the plate?

Nonetheless, I have found a way to get the plate numbers. And, I've been able to navigate the police report website and turn in some of the noisy cars.

Trouble is, I can't afford the time to do it - I need to work. But , we can't afford to NOT have somebody do it! Things are getting worse and worse. We need a person to document the aggressive drivers and loud muffler cars. If I can crowdsource funding to defray my expenses, I will do it as a part-time job.